Ava abandoned again, this time found as stray in Las Vegas

Jun 24, 2022 |

On Wednesday morning, June 22nd, our cat adoption center received a call that one of our previously adopted dogs had been found as a stray in Las Vegas.  It was Ava. For those who don’t know the story of Ava, she is a chocolate American pit bull who had been in and out of shelters since 2016 when she was found abandoned in a field in Orange Cove. She was malnourished, underweight, and had severe…

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Post Meowlone Saved From Fleas

Jun 21, 2022 |

Earlier last week, we rescued a kitten who was in very bad condition.  At about five to six weeks old and weighing only 7.6 oz. instead of the average 1.5 lbs. for his age, this emaciated kitten was weak and covered in fleas. His eyes were shut due to a large amount of pus being discharged.  Upon rescue, we immediately gave him a bath, cleaning him of all his fleas and flea dirt that coated…

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Tips for Adopting a Cat

Jun 16, 2022 |

June is the special “Adopt a Shelter Cat Month,” bringing awareness to all the homeless cats in animal shelters and rescues who need loving homes. As a no-kill shelter, Valley Animal Center rescues hundreds of cats over the course of the year while also seeing an increase of kittens and momma cats during kitten season (beginning as early as March and as late as October in Fresno, CA).  To celebrate Adopt A Shelter Cat Month,…

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Spray-painted and Abused

Jun 13, 2022 |

A good Samaritan was driving when she noticed two teenagers spray painting and throwing rocks at a small dog left in a crate in an alley. She got out of the car immediately and the teenagers fled. In the crate was Bruce, a two-year-old Chihuahua.  Bruce was given a bath and taken care of by the good Samaritan. However, Bruce was scared of and didn’t get along with the big dogs in the home. So,…

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Skinny and Starved Alley Dog

Jun 8, 2022 |

A six-year-old terrier mix, Greta, was rescued from a local animal control agency on March 3, 2022. She was all skin and bones, weighing only 11.5 pounds. Her ribs were starkly visible and her eyes held an untold story.  Greta was initially found in an alley even skinnier than when she was rescued into our care. She was clearly starved and hungry for food. We are so grateful Greta held on long enough to be…

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Kitten Fettuccine Alfredo At-Risk (GRAPHIC content)

May 18, 2022 |

                          On May 3rd, Fettuccine Alfredo was surrendered to us. Due to what was most likely an untreated upper respiratory infection, her eyes were in really bad conditions. Her left eye was watery and swollen while her right eye was protruding from her face.   She recently underwent enucleation surgery (complete eye removal) on her left eye as it couldn’t be saved. An eye…

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Lifelong Resident DeLuca

May 6, 2022 |

4-year-old DeLuca has Feline Herpes and is on medication for the rest of his life. DeLuca is the kind of cat you will easily fall in love with, and time has shown us that so many do fall in love with him! He’s social, loves to purr into your face, and enjoys a good adventure. However, he needs a special person who will be able to handle his daily medication and we won’t lie: DeLuca…

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Kitten Indigo Fights Calicivirus

May 5, 2022 |

  Indigo was born on April 5th to a mom who had Feline Calicivirus (FCV). We rescued Indigo and her family on April 12th, just a week after she was born.  FVC is highly contagious and spreads primarily through contact with saliva or aerosolized droplets (such as sneezing or coughing) of an already infected cat. Since Indigo’s mom was a carrier, the virus naturally passed onto Indigo and her four siblings. Three of her siblings…

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Are you prepared for a fire emergency?

May 1, 2022 |

Pet Fire Safety As the weather heats up in the Central Valley, the threat of fire season once again flares. In 2020, the Creek Fire sparked on September 4th and was only fully contained on December 24th, burning an unprecedented 379,895 acres. Over 45,000 Fresno and Madera residents were displaced as a result of this fire. Watch KSEE24 NEWS coverage on the Creek Fire back in September. Partnering with Central California Animal Disaster Team (CCADT)…

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Rescued: Beauty with Demodectic Mange

Apr 29, 2022 |

Rescued: Beauty with Demodectic Mange Two-year-old Beauty was recently rescued and came with Demodectic (noncontagious) mange. Her skin was rough and lacks the fur most dogs have to protect their skin from the elements. When we rescued Beauty, we were told she was originally found abandoned on some property and was super fearful. Our shelter staff have been giving her daily medicated baths and she has improved so much. After being shown love, we discovered…

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