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Responsible Dog Ownership Day

Sep 18, 2021 |

What makes a dog owner a responsible dog owner? In celebration of Responsible Dog Ownership day, we’ve compiled quotes from some of our staff about how they uphold responsibility as a dog owner. Do you do some of these same things?   I spay/neuter my dog(s). “One thing I view is a responsibility for all of my dogs is have them spayed/neutered.” – Ruben, Dog Care Supervisor Spaying/neutering your dog can be beneficial to your…

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Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day

Sep 13, 2021 |

In 2014, David Rogers, as part of the MB Jungle Foundation, established Pet Birth Defect Awareness day to remind us of the “interactive role humans play in our pets’ physical birth defects as well as their mental health.”  Pet birth defects/abnormalities can be present at birth or be present later on in a pet’s life. Some birth defects/abnormalities are easily visible and recognizable, such as a deformed limb, while others may not be visible, or…

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Goodbye, Alden

Sep 8, 2021 |

  As a no-kill shelter, Valley Animal Center has some animal residents who have been with us for a long time. Due to health reasons that make it difficult for our animals to find a furever home, some of our animals can become life-long residents of our shelter. Sadly, however, sometimes our animals’ health can deteriorate so much that the most humane thing we can do for them is euthanasia. Alden was a domestic short-hair…

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Injured kitten at risk of losing both eyes (Warning: GRAPHIC Content)

Aug 31, 2021 |

  On Saturday, August 28, we took into our care a 6 week old kitten whom we named Jimmy Neutron. Jimmy Neutron was originally found wandering about with injured eyes. Despite everything Jimmy Neutron is currently undergoing, he is a happy kitty. He talks a lot and happily eats all the meals we give him. Everyone is hoping Jimmy Neutron wins against the odds life has thrown at him.  Kittens are some of the most…

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How do I care for my pet when I’m not home?

Aug 27, 2021 |

It’s back to school season! Whether you’re going back to school or taking care of little ones (or big ones!) who go back to school, this can be a tough transition. The uncertainty of COVID-19 can also add undue stress. But now that many of us are going in-person back to school, what about our pets that are stuck at home? Due to the pandemic, many pets have grown used to having their owners, or…

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Blind Bunny Seeks Furever Home

Aug 23, 2021 |

In March, Bunny was rescued from local animal control agencies. Bunny came to us with her eyes bulging out and eventually, her eyes had to be surgically removed. Bunny was soon fostered by our Dog Care Supervisor, Ruben Cantu.  It is not the first time Valley Animal Center has taken on the care of blind dogs. Ruben himself has worked with blind dogs at the shelter, but Bunny was the first he took home to…

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Adopt a FIV+ Cat!

Aug 7, 2021 |

For a variety of reasons, many potential adopters shy away from our FIV+ cat room. Perhaps when adopters hear what FIV is, they get scared? Or they think FIV cats will be more work than a non-FIV cat? There are many misconceptions about FIV+ cats and that causes our FIV+ cats not to receive enough attention and love! “We have beautiful cats at VAC that have been with us for a long time because people…

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Vaccinate Your Pets!

Aug 7, 2021 |

August is National Pet Immunization Awareness Month so here is our fur-riendly reminder to check that your pets are up-to-date on their vaccines. Vaccines are important as they introduce an immune response to help build immunity in your pets, lessen the severity of symptoms, and prevent the spread of disease.  Here are some reasons why vaccinations are important: A vaccinated pet is a protected pet. Prevent the unnecessary stress of illness by vaccinating your dog…

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Spay and Neuter Your Pets

Aug 7, 2021 |

Here at Valley Animal Center, all our shelter animals are spayed and neutered. We see spaying and neutering as important to our animals’ health and well-being; it’s also how we help to decrease the stray population in the Central Valley.  If you didn’t know, the Central Valley’s high stray population rate directly contributes to our high animal euthanization rates as local animal control agencies are quickly overburdened. Please consider spaying/neutering your pets, not just for…

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Cat in Mid-Labor Dumped, Only One Kitten Survives (WARNING: Graphic Content)

Jul 13, 2021 |

July 5th. Monday noon. Someone brought in a pregnant cat. Our front admin volunteer explained we could not take in the cat and gave the person information about other shelters/rescues who could help. When the admin volunteer was further informed that the cat was having birthing issues, she redirected said person to the clinic. The person left and the admin volunteer continued doing her administrative work.  “I should’ve kept my eye on them as they…

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