Happy Birthday Jake, We Miss You!

Happy Birthday, Jake!

Jake was a wonderful red Golden Retriever who was adored by all who met him, especially his mom, Tammy Shultz. He was actually quite famous among Tammy’s customers at Clovis Appliance.

Jake quickly became a celebrity among the Old Town Clovis community. He even used his status to help gather supplies for our adoptables last year on his 9th birthday.

People showed up in droves to help Jake and his furry friends. Tammy and Jake’s kindness helped our adoptables find comfort and security while they wait for their furever homes.

Here at Valley Animal Center, he was always a beloved presence. “He really loved you guys,” said Tammy. “If you didn’t say hi to him, he was sure to find you and greet you with slobbery kisses!”

Whenever he came to visit, as soon as they turned onto Hayston Ave., he instantly knew where he was going. He would start wagging his tail. It didn’t matter if he was going to play in the pool or pay our clinic a visit; he was so happy to see his friends.

“Not many dogs like going to vet or the hospital but mine did,” said Tammy

Our animal care adoption supervisor, Ruben Cantu, said, “He has been coming here ever since I was hired, and every time I saw him, he would just light up a room and make everyone’s day.”

“Jake was a very sweet boy,” said our dog park supervisor, Maegan Wesson. “I’m not sure what he loved more at the park—all the attention and pets he got or going for a ball in the pool.”

This is why his sudden passing stung that much more. “His sweet personality is very much missed,” said Maegan

He was so loved, and when news came in that he had passed, so many hearts broke. It impacted many of Tammy’s customers; they came crying, and some still came to Clovis Appliance looking for him.

For Tammy, the bond she had with Jake was special; at times, Tammy felt like Jake was 80% human, with how kind and understanding he was. “He was definitely 100% angel on earth but now he is one,” said Tammy

However, Jake lives in the memories he made with everyone and the joy that he brought to them. Tammy is hosting another donation drive at Clovis Appliance this year. To celebrate Jake’s 10th birthday!

If you want to honor Jake’s memory and help our wonderful adoptables, please visit Clovis Appliance and drop off donations throughout the month of February.

We are accepting a number of in-kind donations, including laundry detergent, bleach, collars, leashes, and any type of monetary donation. All of these will help improve and maintain the health and comfort of our animals.

“You guys made my baby so happy,” said Tammy. “You guys were always there for us, and now we want to be there for you.”

Tammy and Jake shared a bond and love that every dog owner aspires to. Tammy knows that every dog deserves to have the love she had for Jake, and if she can help make that possible, then she knows that it would have made Jake happy!

We miss you, Jake, and we love you so much!


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