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Clinic Services

Our clinic offers a variety of services such as vaccinations, preventative care, including dental services. Wellness examinations and dental consultations require a scheduled appointment.  Thank you for considering Valley Animal Center to care for your pet.  Please note: all dogs must be on a leash and all cats must be in a carrier for their safety while visiting our clinic.


Effective November 4, 2019, all clients bringing pets in for ANY clinic services must have them up to date on their rabies vaccine.  If you are not an existing clinic client with this record already on file, you will be required to present your pets rabies certificate to the check-in staff prior to any services being provided.  If your pets rabies vaccine is expired, client will be required to add on a $17 rabies vaccine prior to original services requested being completed.

This requirement has been mandated by our facility, due to the recent public notice issued by the Fresno County Department of Health.



Loving our dogs includes meeting their needs. Our clinic can help your dog receive the care and services necessary to keep your canine companion as healthy as possible. Please see below for services provided.

Health & Wellness Exams


Heartworm Testing


Preventative Care

Treatment of Skin Problems

Surgeries, and more


$17 each

Rabies Vaccine

Da2PPv Vaccine

Bordetella Vaccine

Leptospirosis Vaccine

Canine Influenza Vaccine ($27)

Rattle Snake Vaccine ($27)

Flea/Tick Treatments

$12 to $24

All puppies must be at least 8 weeks old and weigh 4 pounds to receive flea or tick medication.


3 – 13 pounds $12

14 – 22 pounds $15

23 – 44 pounds $17.50

45 – 88 pounds $21.25

89 – 132 pounds $24



Microchips used by our clinic are from FoundAnimals. This company has NO ADDITIONAL FEES to maintain pet owners contact information. REGISTRATION OF MICROCHIP is the responsibility of the pet owner. Register your microchip at

Additional Services

Standard Dewormer $20

Roundworm/Hookworm Treatment

Includes 2 doses

Tapeworm Dewormer $15 – $41.70

(Price based on weight)

Nail Trim $10 – $15



Cats are often perceived as independent but they require preventative care as much as dogs. Our clinic prides itself on being able to meet the needs of all the fabulous felines of the community. Please see below for a list of services for your furry friend.

Have a Pet Emergency?

Please contact 24/ PetVets if your pet needs immediate medical attention at (559) 486 – 0520