Our Grand Lobby

Our gracious grand lobby welcomes our visitors and also honors our legacy members and patrons who've demonstrated dedication towards our mission and the well-being of companion animals. 

Our Wall of Compassion houses engraved tiled messages in memory of or in honor of a pet or person, or expresses gratitude for families, friends, or businesses who have an enduring commitment to helping companion animals.

Wall of Compassion


Legacy Society Members


Cat Adoption Center

Unlike traditional shelters, our cat adoption center has 14 spacious cat rooms, all thoughtfully designed with our curious cats in mind. Rooms have elevated platforms so our high dwelling cats can perch from atop to explore, giving all cats ample room to claim their own space. Beds and blankets are placed throughout for our cats to nap on. 

Our cats have :

  • Catios
  • Misters during the hot summer days
  • Freedom to roam between rooms
  • Private rooms for senior cats, kidney patients and FIV+ cats

Cat Room with Catio Access

Featured Friends Room

Center Cat Room

Outdoor Catio

Dog Adoption Center

Our dog adoption center consists of over 32 kennels. Each kennel provides a cozy space for our dogs to relax and more than half of our kennels connect to an outdoor kennel, where our dogs can enjoy fresh air.

Outdoor kennels have proper roofing to protect our dogs from harsh sunlight and rainy weather. Misters have been installed to keep our dogs cool during the summer months.

Blankets are provided and kennels are cleaned thoroughly in the mornings and evenings. Our dedicated staff and volunteers also clean up throughout the day and check water bowl levels to ensure our dogs have a clean space and fresh water. 


Dog Kennels

Outdoor Access

Intake Kennels



Our state-of-the-art clinic provides the best care possible to your precious pets. Our clinic is equipped to provide a variety of services such as wellness exams, vaccinations, deworming, and so much more. 

Our clinic staff also works closely with our shelter staff to provide exemplary care towards our shelter animals.

Surgery Annex

Our well-equipped surgery annex is where we perform our high-in-demand spays/neuters. We are also able to perform small mass removals. 

Our current veterinarians have over 40 years of shelter and medicine experience combined! We are not just a spay/neuter clinic but also offer comprehensive care and surgery to our clients. Our clinic team has access to ultrasounds, digital x-rays, dental radiography, and amazing, full in-house lab machines and radiology equipment.

Clinic Receptionist Desk

Treatment Room

Exam Room

Surgery Annex

Dog Park

At our membership-based Dr. James W. Thornton Dog Park, necessities such as toys, waste bags, and water bowls are provided amply throughout our dog park so our members don't ever have to worry about forgetting anything at home. 


2,000 Gallon Pool

Dog Runs

Agility Course


Art O'Brien Feral Cat Sanctuary

Our Art O'Brien Feral Cat Sanctuary provides a vast outdoor area for the local feral community at Valley Animal Center. There is an indoor shelter with a high-end cooling system for hot summers. The refuge also has a food area to nourish our cats.

Our staff implements routine wellness exams on the ferals and provides ample food and water. Many of our ferals are quite friendly and will approach staff who decide to take breaks with them. 

Front Porch

Indoor Shelter with Cooler

Cat houses placed throughout