Listen to fostering advice from our staff.

Maritza shares her fostering advice. Listen HERE.

Maritza shares her fostering advice. Listen HERE.



Ruben shares his fostering advice. Listen HERE

Ruben shares his fostering advice. Listen HERE






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Anjanette & Willard: Anjanette's first foster kitten made her realize she was indeed a cat lady. Read HERE.

Jessica & Pregnant Mama Dog: Jessica fosters a wounded and pregnant mama. Read HERE.

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About Fostering

Every year, Valley Animal Center rescues many kittens and puppies under eight weeks old. At this delicate age, they are not ready to be adopted but they also don't have an animal parent to take care of them. During their most vulnerable time, we rely on foster homes to help us care for and love these little ones until they are ready to be adopted into a furever home.

We are always in great need of foster homes, especially during "kitten season" which begins as early as March in Fresno and peaks as the temperature rises and unspayed/unneutered felines go into heat. Shelters and rescues quickly reach full capacity by the sheer amount of kittens that come through. It is only through the help of our foster parents that we are able to save as many animal lives as we can.

As a foster, you may not be an animal's furever home, but your temporary love and care is vital to their survival.

"You may feel like you aren't changing the world, but for that tiny creature, it means everything." - Maritza Lopez, Animal Care Operations Supervisor

Worried about cost? Don't have experience? Not sure you have everything you'd need?

Don't worry. You are not alone. We are here to support you throughout your foster journey! When you foster, you will be given the direct contact of our foster coordinator and staff who will be there to assist you when needed.

Through our awesome supporters and donors, we are able to provide you with all the basic tools necessary to care for these animals. All the needed materials and food is given to you. We just need your time, dedication, and love!

Our staff members have also fostered and many continue to do so when they can. However, our staff is limited in numbers and we need your help.

We can't do this without you.

Which animals need foster care?

The Kitten Lady is a great online resource! You can view her videos to get a better idea of what fostering, specifically fostering bottle babies, could be like.

Join our Foster Family!

"It may be a bittersweet experience only because you have to give up your fosters but, in the end, it was all worth it because without fosters, we would not be able to save as many lives as we have."- Maritza

If you would like to foster and help us save animal lives, fill out our online Pre-Foster Application found HERE. After receiving your application, we will contact you to schedule a 10-15 minute private orientation. During the orientation, you'll get to know more about us and our fostering program. We'll also be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

IMPORTANT: If you decide to foster animals from Valley Animal Center, we require you to not foster for other organizations during the same time. Although all shelters have the goal of saving as many animals as possible, due to the risk of disease and cross contamination, Valley Animal Center asks that if you decide to foster for others, you do so after you have finished your commitment with us.

If you still have questions, read the FAQ for commonly asked questions, or, please reach out to our Animal Care Operations Supervisor, Maritza Lopez, at

Still have questions? Look through our FAQ!