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Carol DeBellis


Carol DeBellis is an experienced human resources director with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer electronics industry. She is a strong human resources professional skilled in negotiation, budgeting, operations management, coaching, compliance, conflict resolution, and sales.

Carol is the Senior Vice President HR at Electronic Recyclers and the Director and Board President of Valley Animal Center.

John Roman


John Roman is the National Service Manager at Rain Bird Corporation in Tucson, Arizona. John has been responsible for leading teams in a number of industries both within the U.S. and internationally.

John has held various positions of responsibility throughout his corporate career and is focused on revenue generation, cost control, and operations management with an emphasis on customer service.

Brian Gallo


Brian J. Gallo is an experienced project manager with a background in commercial building, electronic transmission, and distribution line construction. He is a seasoned instructor with a demonstrated history of developing architecture courses for higher education.

Brian is a strong professional consultant skilled in change management, process improvement, and implementation.

Currently, Brian is a consultant and project manager at Motive Power, Inc., a boutique management consulting firm.

Gerry Villa


Gerry is currently the Medical Careers Instructor for a start up program at Kerman High School where she is responsible for curriculum development, community outreach, and the education of local students seeking future careers in the health care field.

As a registered nurse for 17 years, Gerry worked for a large local hospital network in multiple areas and provided patient care, education, and assisted with policy/procedural development.

Gerry has a experience fundraising for other nonprofit. She is an active foster and has sat on the board of a local animal shelter for 10+ years.

Gerry received her bachelors in Nursing from Fresno State, her SNC from Sacramento State, and, most recently, her Teaching Credential in Medical Technology and Healthy Science.

Aside from work, Gerry enjoys spending time with her two wonderful children and their two rescued cats.

Jennette Nelson-Williams


Jennette Nelson-Williams is the market president at Suncrest Bank in Fresno. She is responsible for managing the Madera County Commercial and SBA departments and provides guidance and underwriting counsel in the interpretation of financial data, assessment of risk, and structure of commercial loans.

Jennette works closely with her business clients, providing them advice and counsel while ensuring their financial needs are met and risk is minimized.