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Most of our volunteers come to the shelter to socialize with our dogs and cats, and help us clean up after the animals. We also have 5 committees that you can join if you would like to be more involved and can accommodate volunteer groups and marketing students.

Volunteering Opportunities:

  • Help in our Dog Adoption Center – Walk, brush, socialize, pet, read to, and play!
  • Help in our Cat Adoption Center – Socialize, brush, pet, read to, and play!
  • Fold laundry, wash bowls, and clean windows.
  • Help keep our animals healthy by cleaning waste from litter boxes and kennels.
  • Help with fundraising drives and campaigns.
  • Help with fun special events such as Big Hat Days, Super Adoption, Furry Fall Festival, and more!
  • Be an outreach ambassador to spread our mission in the community!
  • Become a foster parent and take needy animals to your home for specialized care.
  • Assist our dog trainer in teaching shelter dogs basic commands.
  • Help physically and mentally stimulate the pets in our care.
  • Assist with large groups of students for classes, camps, and tours.


**Valley Animal Center DOES NOT participate in any court-ordered volunteering**

Volunteer Orientation

The first step would be to attend a volunteer orientation, which is required before you come to volunteer for us.  At the orientation, we show a presentation about our shelter and the various volunteer opportunities available at Valley Animal Center, as well as give our new volunteers time to tour our Cat and Dog Adoption Centers!

Please note that if you are under the age 18, you will need a parent or guardian with you at the orientation and when you come in to volunteer.  If you are planning to attend the orientation, you must sign up for the desired orientation date that you would like to attend. Orientations are limited to the first  25 registered individuals. Please use the corresponding link to sign up. Latecomers and individuals who are not on the sign-up will not be able to participate.

Volunteer Orientations:

Future orientations are currently cancelled. Please check back for our next scheduled orientation. 

Community Outreach Committee


The Community Outreach Committee is in charge of spreading our message around the community by attending special events and talking to the public about our shelter.

  • The Community Outreach Committee provides staff with the necessary support for many of our annual outreach events such as Community Service Fairs, Big Hat Days, Clovis Fest, Furry Fall Festival, and many other smaller events around the Central Valley.
  • Help spread awareness for our cause by interacting with the public, passing out informational pamphlets, answering questions, selling merchandise or raffle tickets, and helping adoption staff!

Fostering Committee


The Fostering Committee takes needy animals into their homes for specialized care, such as a litter of newborn kittens.

  • The Fostering Committee is a rewarding hands-on experience allowing you the opportunity to play a direct role in the survival of helpless puppies and kittens by bottle-feeding or helping mothers with litters.
  • Members of the fostering committee will also be able to open up their hearts and homes to make a difference in the lives of senior animals, feral or less socialized animals, and/or pets with health conditions.

Education Committee


The Education Committee helps us with larger groups of school children who are taking part in our humane education programs, camps, and activities.

  • Education Committee members assist the shelter staff with large group tours and humane education programs for schools and groups (all ages) throughout the Central Valley.
  • Some of the programs will be on-site at Valley Animal Center, while others will be off-site at the school or group’s location.
  • Assist the shelter with presenting to the groups, helping with education animal ambassadors, and art, games, or other activities. Perfect for former, current, or future teachers!

Dog Training and Enrichment Committee


The Dog Training and Enrichment Committee helps us train the shelter dogs on the weekends and physically and mentally stimulate the animals in our care.

  • Committee members take an active role in improving the lives of the shelter pets during their shelter stay.
  • Committee members can help teach the shelter dogs basic obedience commands, beginning agility, and/or alleviate behavior issues as part of group training courses.
  • Members can help physically and mentally stimulate the animals in our care by assisting with treat and enrichment days, Kong and other toy preparation, reading to our shelter pets, and more!

Distribution Committee


The Distribution Committee is responsible for placing Valley Animal Center donation boxes at businesses throughout the community, then turning them into the shelter when they are full of change.

  • The donations raised from our generous community help to care for the animals in our shelter until they can find their forever homes.
  • Help be a part of our network of support, and help get local businesses involved in our mission!