Pennies for a Dear Friend

Every year, our Pennies for Pets campaign honors an animal that has left an indelible mark on our hearts. Last year, Scrappy (animal ID: 26241), a terrier mix with special needs, joined the Valley Animal Center’s family in November.

Scrappy’s Story

Born with neurological issues affecting his mobility, Scrappy faced the odds. Despite being overlooked by many adopters, he remained a sweet and attention-loving soul. Maritza Lopez, our Animal Care Operations Supervisor, explained, “When we say he has neurological issues, we mean that he is a little slower than an average dog. He tends to walk a little bit differently and takes a few stumbles here and there. Even his gaze is different.”

While uncertain about Scrappy’s future, everyone who met him was captivated by his unique personality. His hazel eyes held a special charm, drawing people in, and his affectionate gestures, like lifting his nose for a gentle peck, melted hearts.

Scrappy found joy in crunchy toys, cherished napping in a soft bed, and would thrive in a home with other small or calm dogs. His vulnerability required attention, and Lopez emphasized the importance of training to ensure his safety when left alone.

Despite his challenges, Scrappy embraced life, radiating love and deserving a second chance. Valley Animal Center provided him with the care he needed, both medically and emotionally. Lopez expressed, “Scrappy can live a happy life. Although we don’t know how long that will be, he deserves to find a home just like any other dog.”

Regrettably, Scrappy’s health deteriorated, and he crossed the rainbow bridge. His passing deeply affected our staff, as he was cherished and a part of our extended family. Though we mourn his loss, Scrappy’s story fuels our determination to rescue and care for countless homeless animals.


Stories like Scrappy’s underscore the essence of our mission. As you consider donating to our Pennies for Pets fundraiser, remember that your contributions make a profound impact on pets like Scrappy, overlooked and marginalized. At Valley Animal Center, we believe every animal deserves a home and daily love.

Your donations empower us to champion the forgotten. Scrappy, you will forever be in our hearts. We love and miss you, and your legacy inspires us to continue our unwavering commitment to those who need us most.

Pennies for Pets

As spring approaches, sustaining our efforts becomes crucial, and your contribution is essential to nourishing shelter animals and supporting foster parents.

Our major fundraiser, Pennies for Pets, aims to raise $100,000 this year. Your social media influence plays a key role in spreading awareness about how this initiative transforms the lives of homeless animals in our area.

Donating is convenient—online at, by phone at (559) 233-8690, or through mobile payments via Paypal, CashApp, and Venmo.

For heartwarming stories about the direct impact of your funds on these animals, follow us on social media. Your generosity truly makes a meaningful difference.