Sprinkles: 3-month-old puppy with serious ear infection surrendered to Valley Animal Center

This July, a puppy with a serious ear infection was surrendered to Valley Animal Center. We named her Maria, and her animal ID is 27049. This adorable poodle mix was only three months old at the time and was riddled with fleas. It was very clear to us that she was in need of treatment.

Maria, now known as Sprinkles, was first assessed by our animal care operations supervisor and foster care coordinator, Maritza Lopez.

“She came in with a nasty, I would say, severe, double ear infection,” Maritza said. Sprinkles also had a bloated stomach, which could indicate worms or poor nutrition; and she was covered in dirt and grime. Luckily, our pet groomer, Larissa Frias, was on site and was able to give Sprinkles a flea bath and trim.

“I’m sure she already feels a billion times better,” Maritza said.

After grooming, Sprinkles looked like a different pup. She was no longer oily and uncomfortable; she was already up and wagging her tail. She was happy and on her way to being treated for her injuries and ear infection. She had been examined for a number of conditions, and while her ear infection may have been severe, our clinic staff knew it was treatable. 

“We are hoping there is no damage to the ear canals,” Maritza said, “but we can only tell with time.”

Currently, Sprinkles is in foster care with one of our veterinarians. She will have to be dewormed and treated for cuts around her neck. Once her health improves, she will receive all her vaccinations. We’re so happy she is fortunate to recover in a comfortable home and with a knowledgeable veterinarian. We predict she will not be available for adoption for some time.

If you are interested in adopting Sprinkles in the future, you may contact our dog adoption center at (559) 233-8717 or dogs@valleyanimal.org. You may also click HERE to complete an adoption application online. Please remember to note you learned about Sprinkles through our blog.

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