Kitten with severe injury to jaw named Joker

Joker’s Arrival

On July 28th, we welcomed Joker into our care. He was brought in with a severe injury to his jaw, a missing tooth, and a severe case of ear mites. He also had puncture wounds on the bottom part of his jaw, the neck and chin area. We don’t know what caused those injuries. 

“We didn’t think he would make it,” said Ruben, our animal care adoption supervisor. “For the first two days, he kept his head down and didn’t do much of anything.” 

Medical Care and Treatment

Joker was on pain meds and antibiotics for his injuries. The ear mites he had also led to an ear infection; he needed medications for that as well.

Anjanette, our cat care specialist, handled his treatments and cleaned his wounds daily. During his recovery, Joker perked up and began hissing and meowing, full of life and kitten energy. On August 11th, Joker finished all of his medical treatments. 

“He’s a pretty grumpy guy,” said Anjanette, “and is probably ready and glad that his treatments are over.” 

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Joker’s Hobbies

Joker loves to watch videos of birds. Anjanette sets her phone up in his incubator and he will watch the videos with fascination. He’s currently 12 weeks old and also likes to sit in his litterbox. 

“He thinks he’s feral,” said Anjanette,” but he loves to be petted.” 

Joker is a spicy kitten who is ready to fight most times when he’s not relaxing or wanting to be affectionate. If all goes well, he will be available for adoption in the following two weeks.

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