Post Meowlone Saved From Fleas

Earlier last week, we rescued a kitten who was in very bad condition. 

At about five to six weeks old and weighing only 7.6 oz. instead of the average 1.5 lbs. for his age, this emaciated kitten was weak and covered in fleas. His eyes were shut due to a large amount of pus being discharged. 

Upon rescue, we immediately gave him a bath, cleaning him of all his fleas and flea dirt that coated his tiny body. We wiped off his eyes and were glad that he was able to open them! 

Cat care specialist Anjanette had to syringe feed him at first but later, he tried so hard to eat on his own. With food in his belly, this baby boy perked up. This kitty is now named Post Meowlone! 

“He is gaining weight, eating a lot, and has a ton of personality,” said Anjanette, several days after Post Meowlone has been in our care. “I can tell that he isn’t as strong as he should be but he’s getting there!”

Post Meowlone has gained three ounces since being cared for by our team of amazing cat staff, and he’s been a little ball of energy inside during his recovery. 

“Watching him play is so funny,” said Anjanette, “because it’s almost like he doesn’t know how to play quite yet.” 

Post Meowlone trying to figure out why the toy is as big as he is.

Post Meowlone will be continued to be cared for by Anjanette and our other cat care staff. We have so many kittens who need our help and being in the midst of kitten season means, unfortunately, that other kittens like Post Meowlone may be rescued in the near future. 

Our hearts and encouragements go out to all the shelters, rescues, and fosters who are caring for kittens, injured or uninjured. It takes a big heart to care for little kitties. 

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