Furever Homes Needed!

Many shelters and rescues are finding themselves at max capacity. At Valley Animal Center, we are able to pull at-risk animals from local animal control agencies when we have the space. Last year, we were able to rescue 985 (this number includes owner surrenders) dogs and cats! Unfortunately, we are also at full capacity, preventing us from continuing our rescue efforts.

We currently have 5 long-term resident dogs waiting on their furever homes. In an effort to get them adopted, we’ve lowered their adoption fees from $180 to $50!!! By adopting a dog at Valley Animal Center, you are saving the lives of two animals as you are providing a loving home to one and giving shelter to another. Thanks to our prior reduced adoption fees, long-term dogs, Naomi and Sativa, were adopted, freeing a kennel space to rescue more dogs.

A shelter, even a no-kill shelter, is not the furever home our dogs deserve.

“This setting is not meant to be a long term stay,” said Animal Care Adoption Supervisor Ruben Cantu. “Shelter environments cause fear, anxiety and stress, both small and big, to every animal that comes into any shelter. We do our best to help them be comfortable, but they belong in a home.”

Ruben said one of the biggest challenges in finding furever homes is finding loving people who are 100% committed for the animal’s lifespan.

“We have many situations where our dogs are adopted as puppies and then returned as senior pets because the older dogs have health issues that need care,” Ruben said.

Animal Care Operations Supervisor Maritza Lopez stated that public perception of long-term resident animals also poses a challenge.

“Over time,” Maritza said, “the stress of being in a confined space can be too much and cause animals to develop behavioral issues as a coping mechanism. Our longer-term animals like Darius have been here a long time and have developed said behavior issues such as spinning in his kennel, jumping, and barking. People who come by to see him may think he’s being aggressive when all he needs is someone to look past that and meet him outside his kennel to realize that he is the sweetest guy ever!”

If you, your family, or your friends have been thinking about adopting a dog, please consider the ones listed below first!

Our dog adoption staff is here to answer any questions you may have about any of these dogs below. Ruben would like to assure you as well that there is no such thing as too many questions! Contact them at (559) 233-8717 or dogs@valleyanimal.org. Our adoption center is open seven days a week from 10 a.m. Р4:30 p.m. Come see these lovable dogs that simply want to be united with a loving person!

Continue reading for more information about these adoptables. You can also click the name to be led directly to their bio!

  1. Amie (23800)
  2. Chavo (25001)
  3. Laney (24588)
  4. Max (23723)
  5. Sierra (24348)


AMIE (23800)

  • Age: 3 years old
  • Gender: Spayed female
  • Breed: Pit Bull/Terrier mix
  • Great with dogs
  • Cat tolerant and compatible but shows some fear towards cats. Would need a slow introduction to any house cats.

Amie is a sweet girl and was rescued as a momma dog with three puppies of her own. Her puppies have all been adopted but poor Amie has been left behind by potential adopters. She’s a playful girl who loves to sunbathe and mooch on grass. Our volunteers walk her often and she’s been improving greatly on her leash walking skills. Toys and dog park time easily excite her and she thrives off attention and playtime. If you are a high-energy person, or just someone who would love to go on walks, Amie would be a great match for you.

Apply to adopt her HERE!

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CHAVO (25001) – Update: Chavo has been adopted!

  • Age: 2 years old
  • Gender: Neutered male
  • Breed: Terrier Mix
  • Good with dogs and cats
  • No young children
  • Needs a slow introduction into a new home

Chavo is a dog who would thrive amazingly well with other dogs. Whether Chavo is your first dog or your third addition, he’d be amazing! He would do well in an apartment setting. So, for anyone who lives in an apartment setting, consider him! Chavo does love to run and play and an active person and home would be ideal.

Apply to adopt him HERE!

Chavo was featured on Central Valley Today in March 2022! Watch his segment below:

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LANEY (24588)

  • Age: 3 years old
  • Gender: Spayed female
  • Breed: Pit Bull Mix
  • Single pet household
  • Has been in shelter for 1 year

Laney is a sweet mama who had 9 puppies when she was rescued by us. All her puppies were adopted but Laney never found her furever home. She is a special dog who needs to be the only pet in the household as she doesn’t enjoy other dogs or cats. However, she is VERY people friendly! She has a loving personality and would thrive well in a family setting. Young children may be an issue only because her size might intimidate younger children but she is still very much playful towards everyone. She loves to go on walks and have her belly rubbed. If you have no other pets in the home and want a dog who will love on you unconditionally, pick Laney!

Apply to adopt her HERE!

Watch Laney be a dog below!

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MAX (23723)

  • Age: 10 years old
  • Gender: Neutered male
  • Breed: Terrier Mix
  • Ok with dogs, but protective
  • No cats
  • Single pet household preferred
  • Women preferred
  • No children
  • Been with Valley Animal Center for two years
  • Available for a foster-to-adopt if interested

Sweet Max requires a special adopter. He’s a wonderful dog who attaches himself very much to one person, a one-person dog so to speak. When we first rescued him, he was fostered by Animal Care Specialist Jessica Silva. Max was super nervous, super snippy, and often tried to bite out of fear and confusion. Jessica noticed an immediate difference in Max just two days after being in a home setting. “He warms up a lot in a home,” said Jessica. “He would improve greatly in a home compared to a shelter setting.” After being in Jessica’s home, Max warmed up and loved to play and run around, greeting Jessica at the door everyday after she returned from work. If anyone would like to talk more with Jessica about Max, they may reach her at jessica.silva@valleyanimal.org. Max needs an adopter who will be patient and work alongside him as he adjusts to a new environment, but once he warms up to you, we promise you won’t find a dog that will show love and loyalty in the way only Max could.

Apply to adopt him HERE!

Read Jessica’s foster story with Max HERE.

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SIERRA (24348)

  • Age: 7 years old
  • Gender: Spayed female
  • Breed: American Pit Bull mix
  • Single pet household
  • Kidney disease, needs special diet and medication

Sierra is a very shy girl but has a big heart with lots to give. She needs sunshine and room to run and play. This girl is very timid in her kennel and will bark out of fear but once you have her outdoors, she’s a completely different dog. Sierra would do best in a quieter home. She will need to be the only pet as she has shown a lot of fear towards other animals. If you’re looking for a silent companion to enjoy your daily life, please consider Sierra. She would a love a home where she can just be herself with her human.

Apply to adopt her HERE!

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