Lil Man

Submitted by Anna Jacuinde. November 2023.

My Lil Man was found abandoned in a vacant home. When taken to a veterinarian, it was determined that Lil Man was about 8 years old. The veterinarian found that Lil Man suffered from back leg issues due to being kept in a crate the majority of his life and most likely was only let out for breeding.

I was blessed to take Lil Man home with me and spend the rest of his following 12 years of life with him. He was a lil hesitant to being loved on so hard because he never knew what receiving so much love was all about until I was determined to steal as many kisses from him as possible! He soon understood he was safe from harm and would be a part of my heart forever.

My lil guy loved his chopped apples and ate them up to his last days with his last three little teeth, but he still chomped at those little pieces of apple. He enjoyed long naps and spending time under the sun on those warm sunny days, as well as laying on his warm cozy bed on cold days.

My lil guy passed away at the age of 20. My lil guy's paw prints are on my heart forever and the memories of him will be forever mine.

Rest easy, my lil dude. Until we meet again.

With never-ending love,

Your Mumm