Submitted by Anna Jacuinde. November 2023.

My Sweet Boy Akiles

My Akiles was adopted from a local shelter when he was about 1 year old. Akiles shared the following 7 years of his life with me until he passed away at the age of 8 years old.

My Akiles was a Sweet Loving and Kind Soul. He loved to run and loved to play. Akiles also loved to just sit with me in silence and watch sun sets out in the country.

Akiles's eyes always assured me of his Unconditional Love for me. The morning he passed away, a Beautiful Rainbow appeared in the sky as if he sent it to let me know he had made it over the Rainbow Bridge and everything would be ok.

I miss you my sweet boy. Rest easy, My Akiles. Until we meet again for our Sunsets, Your Paw Prints are Forever Embedded In My Heart.

With Love, Your Mumm.