Valley Animal Center partners with the City of Fresno for spay and neuter services

Press release notice sent February 7, 2023.

Valley Animal Center announced on Monday that they are partnering with Fresno Humane Animal Services and the City of Fresno to assist in spaying and neutering countless dogs and cats at Fresno Animal Center. These animals have been awaiting spay and neuter for some time and include those currently in kennels, animals who have been adopted, and animals in foster care.
“At Valley Animal Center, we are all on board to overcome the nation’s veterinarian shortage and assist Fresno Animal Center in their time of need,” Valley Animal Center Executive Director Rob Piccolo said. “We thank them for recognizing the work we’ve done since our early beginnings as the California Feline Foundation and the work we can accomplish together.”
Beginning February, Valley Animal Center will focus on the backlog of animals awaiting spay and neuter and will dedicate two days each week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, to them. The City of Fresno and Fresno Humane Animal Services will fill every spot available during those days and anticipate completing between 15 and 25 canine and feline spays and neuters.
At least 25% of those slots will be open to qualified City of Fresno residents, which means any member of the public who seeks spay and neuter services will be asked to contact Fresno Animal Center.
“We are happy to continue to help the public through the City of Fresno’s spay and neuter program,” Piccolo said. “Through this program, the cost to spay or neuter a dog of any sex or size will be $25. There will be no fee to spay or neuter a cat.”
Eligibility requirements include being a City of Fresno resident, meeting low-income requirements, participating in PG&E’s CARE Program, and receiving Fresno County Human Services Programs, according to the City of Fresno.
Those eager to learn if they qualify may text the code “SPAY” to (559) 600-PETS.
“All spays and neuters will be performed at our location,” Piccolo said, “and by our knowledgeable veterinary staff. In this way, Valley Animal Center remains committed to assisting low-income residents in their responsible pet ownership journey.”
Valley Animal Center still welcomes community members to look to their clinic for other low-cost services, such as wellness exams and walk-in vaccinations.
“We are very excited to partner with the City of Fresno,” Piccolo said. “Everyone involved has the same goals in mind: to save the lives of animals, reduce the pet overpopulation, and help the community embrace the responsibilities that come with owning a furever companion.”