Family of Cats Taped Shut in Box Saved By Young Boy

Taped up in a box with no holes and abandoned in an alley, a momma cat and her two kittens were trapped with no air to breathe on a hot California Thursday.  The current outside temperature was 95 degrees. With an elapsed time of one hour, 95 degrees inside of a car would be 118.89 degrees, according to the Inside Car Temperature Calculator by Good Calculators. The inside of the box had scratch marks and bites from their failed attempts to escape as they struggled for air.
Thankfully, a kind community youth member found the box and punctured some holes in it before bringing the cats to us.  The momma cat and her kittens are dehydrated but we are feeding and nursing them back to health.

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“There’s help and so many resources available,” our cat care supervisor, Maritza, said. “Reach out to us, or other shelters and rescues. This doesn’t have to happen.” To the kind Samaritan, we thank you so much. You saved three lives today.  At Valley Animal Center, we exist to help animals in need and can’t thank you, our community members, enough for assisting us in our mission. For resources, call us at (559) 233-8690 or head to our website at Donate to help this momma and her kittens. We’ll do our best to find them their furever homes once they’re ready for adoption!