Skinny and Starved Alley Dog

A six-year-old terrier mix, Greta, was rescued from a local animal control agency on March 3, 2022. She was all skin and bones, weighing only 11.5 pounds. Her ribs were starkly visible and her eyes held an untold story. 

Greta was initially found in an alley even skinnier than when she was rescued into our care. She was clearly starved and hungry for food. We are so grateful Greta held on long enough to be rescued. After she arrived at Valley Animal Center, our dog care staff had to be careful about feeding her. Even when all we wanted to do was let her eat to her heart’s content, we knew that would not be safe for her. 


A starved dog, especially one in the condition Greta was in, needs to be slowly nurtured back to a healthy weight ranging between 15 to 20 pounds. (Read more about the consequences of overfeeding a starved and emaciated dog HERE). Greta was fed every two hours with a slow feeder to ensure she didn’t eat too much, too fast. She needed to slowly regain her weight. 

As of April 30th, she weighed 13.4 pounds. She is still gaining weight and is ready for adoption into a loving furever home! She’s come such a long way in the few months we’ve had her. She’s a tiny sugar ball of sweetness, so friendly, and great around other dogs. 

Her recovery with us was made possible because of the support we receive from our community. Unlike traditional animal shelters, no funds are received from government sources. Instead, Valley Animal Center is a community-supported organization financially supported solely through donations from the community, grants, program services, and fundraising efforts. To contribute to our ongoing rescue efforts of homeless animals in need like Greta, donate HERE


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