Lorenzo Martinez Santos

Lorenzo Martinez Santos is a very goal-driven individual who gets a kick out of volunteering at Valley Animal Center!

Lorenzo is an avid soccer player and has been volunteering at Valley Animal Center for 10 years now.

“I love it here,” Lorenzo said. “I love the dogs and volunteering helps me with my stress.”

Recently, Lorenzo worked in Pasadena for Sriracha but returned to Fresno due to COVID-19. He’s taken courses at Community Media Access Collaborative, a membership-based nonprofit that helps citizens, schools, nonprofits, public agencies and others better connect with the Fresno/Clovis community through the use of media, according to the CMAC website.

On occasion, Lorenzo takes photographs of some of the dogs at the shelter, dressing them up in his personal pair of shades. Lorenzo has wanted to produce videos for Valley Animal Center and hopes to be able to assist the organization’s new marketing department in creating some in the future.

Lorenzo has two dogs of his own, Chester and Güero. Lorenzo rescued Chester from Petco 11 years ago and Güero 5 years ago when Lorenzo found him tied to a shopping care in 100-degree weather. Today, both dogs are as spoiled as can be.

Lorenzo’s favorite part about volunteering at Valley Animal Center is taking dogs out to our Dr. James W. Thornton Dog Park to play soccer, even though the dogs eventually pop the soccer balls.

Lorenzo has had the opportunity to work with many dogs throughout the years but one that he still thinks about is Dexter.

“Dexter was at the shelter for almost six years,” Lorenzo said. “I felt attached to him. After he got adopted, I was excited.”

The staff at Valley Animal Center knows how close Lorenzo is to some of the shelter dogs and will ask Lorenzo if he’d like to say goodbye to those who find furever homes.

“I grew up with animals,” Lorenzo said. “I love them. They’re loyal and they love you.”

On his time off, Lorenzo enjoys playing soccer, playing soccer video games, and watching horror films.

We are so happy Lorenzo is with us at Valley Animal Center!