Little feline fighters with upper respiratory issues need your help

We received six new kittens. They’re only six weeks old and are very sick.

All kitties have upper respiratory issues and are currently on heating pads. One is in critical condition and one had a temperature so low, the thermometer couldn’t read it!

Our cat adoption center staff named these little feline fighters Dumpling, Tofu, Wasabi, Ravioli, Pancake, and Nacho. Yes, our staff members admit they may have been a little hungry when naming them.


Pancake and Nacho are the healthiest of the six and enjoy nestling with one another. Maybe it’s because they need warmth, they want to stick close together. They love pressing kisses and nipping each other’s ears.

Dumpling and Tofu are a little underweight and super congested. They have to be tube fed as they can’t smell their food. Their eyes are inflamed and we’re not sure how well their vision will be able to recover.

Wasabi and Ravioli also have eye problems. They can’t see really well and have to use their sense of smell to find their food. At the moment, they are unable to regulate their body temperatures.

All kitties will be on treatment for three weeks before being reassessed again. These little ones are fierce fighters and we’ll be there to help them.

You can help as well. Your donations will contribute to helping these little ones and other furbabies that come to our shelter! Select “Kittens With Upper Respiratory Issues” in the drop-down menu found in the form below and donate today!