Lifelong Resident DeLuca

4-year-old DeLuca has Feline Herpes and is on medication for the rest of his life.
DeLuca is the kind of cat you will easily fall in love with, and time has shown us that so many do fall in love with him! He’s social, loves to purr into your face, and enjoys a good adventure. However, he needs a special person who will be able to handle his daily medication and we won’t lie: DeLuca is the drama king when it comes to his meds.


In an ideal world, we would love to see him in a furever home. At one point, he was adopted to a family who felt confident taking care of his medical needs.

The adoption process for our cats can be stressful even when it is a happy moment. Cats are habitual animals and going from our shelter to a new home environment can be stressful and can cause them to either react or hide away. The adjustment time for every cat varies and we weren’t sure how DeLuca would respond but we were hopeful his new family would be patient with him.

Sadly, he was shortly returned after for being too difficult to medicate. We can only imagine how the newness of a home environment could feel overwhelming for him and it saddened us greatly when he was returned.

We would love to have him know the happiness and love that only a home can provide but we’ve come to realize DeLuca may become a life resident at our no-kill shelter. To compensate him, our staff showers as much love to him when possible and our volunteers never forget to give him chin scratches and full body rubs.

Recently, DeLuca had to undergo surgery for his femur after we noticed he was limping. We had to shave down his legs. He’s currently in recovery and enjoys his days napping or staring at the staff as they move about. As part of his recovery process, he must be walked, and this feline seems to absolutely enjoy his walking time! Our staff lets him roam freely while keeping an eye on him.

To help DeLuca during his stay with us, please donate! Your donations allow DeLuca, and cats like him who can’t find furever homes, enjoy a safe and healthy environment for as long as they need us. We are able to care for our cats due to your support.
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