Allow Valley Animal Center to be a part of your legacy

Become a Legacy Member of Valley Animal Center

If after providing for the needs of your loved ones, you have estate(s) or assets you would like to gift Valley Animal Center, we thank you immensely for your generosity and kindness in wanting to make an impact on an organization you believe in and support. Valley Animal Center offers Charitable Gifting Options that allow you to continue to support our no-kill shelter, which is dedicated to uniting dogs and cats with loving people while providing low-cost health and wellness services to the animal lovers and advocacy community at large. 

Estate Planning

Valley Animal Center takes your gifts and generosity seriously and with great responsibility. Your estate(s) and/or assets you leave for us will be used toward making our operations and services sustainable and long-lasting in order to give second chances to as many animals as possible.

By bequeathing us your legacy, or parts of it, you allow us to be able to fund our various programs and services, such as our Surrender Relief Program or Medical Relief Program, both of which assist with the great need of our community who may not have the financial means to help their pets or are going through tough financial difficulties. Your legacy left to us also allows us to create a big expansion toward large goals we steadily strive for. For example, we may be able to expand our facilities, open a second location, increase mobile and community outreach of our adoptions and perchance our clinic services. All of this is with the intent and mission of saving as many animals as possible and uniting them to loving people.

We have many other programs and areas of need your contributions would greatly assist in and we are more than happy to share and discuss with you how your contributions are utilized. We offer peace of mind that your legacy will be used for the care and well-being of our animals, both present and future. Although Valley Animal Center has expanded over the years from humble beginnings to now being both a cat and dog adoption center, a low-cost clinic, and a membership-based dog park, we always remember that at the root of our foundation is the empathy and compassion toward our animal companions who need our help. We believe every animal deserves a second chance at a loving family and forever home.

Angel Care

Valley Animal Center also offers Angel Care for your pets. It pains us when we hear and witness owner surrenders from community members who cannot take care of, or choose not to take care of, pets that were left to them after their loved one’s passing. Don’t let this happen to your furry family member who has accompanied you for however many years of their life. Allow us to give you peace of mind that your pet will be taken care of until they are ready for adoption into a family that will love and treasure them just as you had.

As a no-kill shelter, any animal that enters our doors, remains with us until they are adopted. We care for their health and well-being as if they were our own. Through our adoption process, we screen our adopters to ensure that they will be a great match for our animals. From ensuring that adopter’s landlords allow pets to questions about current pets in the household, we take pride in ensuring that animals adopted from us are set up for success. In the event that an animal does not garner any committed interest from adopters, Valley Animal Center is more than happy to welcome the animal as a life-long resident.

Here’s how you can make Valley Animal Center part of your, and your pet(s), future legacy:

Allow us to be a part of your legacy, and your pet’s, to impact the future of hundreds of thousands of animal companions who need us. To begin this process, email us at and our executive director will be more than happy to discuss with you your choices and options.

The information provided below is for general purposes only. Consult with your professional advisors for specific recommendations appropriate for you.

Provide your lawyer with this simple statement to include in your Will or Trust.
“I give, devise and bequeath to Valley Animal Center, the sum of ______ (or otherwise describe the gift or specify percentage of estate.)” Include our address and our Charitable Nonprofit Tax ID# 77-0540565
You may choose to name Valley Animal Center as a beneficiary to some of your assets.
This option allows you to plan ahead for the care of your animals. We can help you arrange where they will live and be cared for until they are placed for adoption.
Although not part of a will or trust, if you are 70.5 or older, you may make a QCD (up to $100,000) that counts toward your RMD and is excluded from income taxes.