Injured kitten at risk of losing both eyes (Warning: GRAPHIC Content)

injured kitty with inflamed eyes


On Saturday, August 28, we took into our care a 6 week old kitten whom we named Jimmy Neutron. Jimmy Neutron was originally found wandering about with injured eyes. Despite everything Jimmy Neutron is currently undergoing, he is a happy kitty. He talks a lot and happily eats all the meals we give him. Everyone is hoping Jimmy Neutron wins against the odds life has thrown at him. 

Kittens are some of the most resilient animals but they can also be the most vulnerable. If you ever find yourself rescuing a kitten you’ve found, here is some advice to keep in mind: 

  1. If you are unable to personally care for the kitten, or are not able to find anyone who is, please contact local animal control agencies or local shelters who are able to take in strays. (HOWEVER: If momma cat is around and she and the kittens look well fed and healthy, please leave the kittens with momma cat! Mortality rates of kittens drastically increase when they are separated from their mom.)
  2. If you are able to, please consider fostering! Sometimes local shelters are at capacity and may not be able to assist. However, if you are able to foster the kitten for a few days, they may have space open after!
  3. If you are fostering the kitten you found, remember that unvaccinated kittens are vulnerable to diseases and illnesses so be sure to keep their living space clean and sanitized!
  4. Always seek the advice/guidance of a veterinarian or animal health care professional. This is especially important if your rescued kitten is seriously injured! Valley Animal Center has a low-cost clinic on site, but if you need more immediate/urgent care, we also have available a list of local veterinary hospitals for you! 

If you would like to help contribute to our care of Jimmy Neutron, please donate below. Your donations go a long way to helping not just Jimmy Neutron, but also other future kittens we rescue who have similar injuries as him.

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