Injured kitten faces blindness (WARNING: Graphic Images)


Crawdad, a female kitten, was dropped off in front of a local animal control agency. Maritza, our cat care supervisor, went to pick up the kitten after being reached out to by the local animal control agency.

Crawdad is six to seven weeks old with trauma to her right eye that may be related to secondary health issues connected to her upper respiratory. We predict that her injured eye will have to be removed. Sadly, her left eye also seems to be weak and injured.

Worst case scenario, this kitten will become a blind kitten.

“Despite all her injuries,” Maritza said, “she’s the sweetest thing and loves to be held. You wouldn’t even think she was injured from how she acts.”

A kitty who loves to purr, Crawdad is shy when she first meets you. Once you hold her and she grows familiar with your scent, she will excitedly follow after you. If you put her on your shoulder, she will nestle comfortably and won’t want to leave.

Through our clinic, we will continue to give Crawdad all the help and care she needs. Our animal care staff will also continue to monitor her health and ensure she is looked after. We look forward to Crawdad’s recovery so that she may find a loving furever home that will be able to give her all she needs.

If you would like to contribute to Crawdad’s health and recovery, please donate here! Valley Animal Center is a no-kill shelter derived entirely from grant awards and community support! Unlike traditional non-profits, we do not receive government funding. Your support, whether monetary or in-kind, goes a long way to helping us continue to care for the hundreds of animals currently in our facility.


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