Early July, some of our cats and kittens in Room V found a weird slime substance. Our staff joked about it and said we may have been visited by aliens. We brushed it off after seeing that all of our shelter animals were safe. 

One morning later, our marketing manager, Alisia Sanchez, entered her office and found slime splattered all over her desk.

"I laughed," Alisia said, "but I was also so angry. I thought it was a prank. I knew I should've taken the slime away from Nou and Sim!"

Our copywriter, Nou, and graphic/web designer, Sim, are the new hires of the newly developed marketing department. The two have containers of slime on their desks. They denied all accusations. After Alisia reviewed the security footage, it was clear that neither Nou or Sim were in the building prior to the slime being found.

Days passed and everyone forgot about it.

Late one Saturday evening, the staff noticed a few of the animals had fleas. No one knew where these fleas came from; our animal care teams take great care of our animals and facility.

After intensive care and washing, they thought they got rid of the fleas.

The morning of October 1st, our executive director, Rob Piccolo, received a frantic phone call from our clinic and animal care staff.

"A UFO landed on top of the shelter building," they cried out, "and that's not all... we can see large fleas through the UFO windows!"

"I called  local police department," Rob said, "but they couldn't help us. How does one get rid of a UFO?"

After entering his office, Rob discovered his room was a complete mess. Slime marred his walls and a note with strange handwriting was plastered on his door. It read, "Four of us are hiding among you. We give you humans 31 days to find us before we take your animals."

As Rob read the note again, the slime around his office exploded and tiny mutant fleas launched at him! After a tough stomping session, Rob eliminated some of the fleas, but some escaped!

This October, Valley Animal Center needs your help! Join us as we track down the four aliens hiding among us! We'll also need your help raising money to prevent these mutant fleas from infesting our animals.

We urge you to become an "exterminator" today to help #SaveTheAnimals!

Follow us on our Facebook! Every week of October, we'll give you the chance to guess who the flea alien hiding among the staff is. Your help is much needed to exterminate these fleas and save our animals!

DISCLAIMER: The events depicted in this story are purely fictitious and should not be taken seriously. The goal of Valley Animal Center's "Save the Animals" Halloween campaign is to spark the imagination of animal lovers and Halloween enthusiasts across the nation and motivate them to help Valley Animal Center raise funds and pursue its mission of uniting dogs and cats with loving people.