THREE reasons to #GIVE2VAC this GivingTuesday!

1. Your donation can help us rescue more at-risk dogs and cats

At Valley Animal Center, we rescue dogs and cats from local animal control agencies. While we try to pull animals and welcome them into our shelter weekly, we are often faced with having limited staff and resources. Help us save more lives and donate today.

2. Your donation can help us provide medical care to ill or injured dogs and cats

Very often, especially during kitten season, we are overwhelmed with ill or injured animals. Many kittens, for example, are surrendered to us with upper respiratory infections, which can take weeks to resolve. Sometimes, complications arise and additional treatment or surgery is necessary. Help us help animals in need and donate today.

3. Your donation can help us continue to serve the Central Valley community

In addition to a low-cost clinic and membership-based dog park and cat club, we now offer affordable dog training. Our adoption supervisor receives hundreds of owner surrender request forms weekly. If an individual is faced with the option to surrender their dog due to behavior issues, we can offer dog training at an affordable price. Help us keep families healthy, happy and together and donate today.

9:00 AM - Skit: "Welcome"​​​​​​​ - LIVE

Join our admin and leadership teams as they welcome you to this year's GivingTuesday!

9:30 AM - Short Film: "In Memory of Lee Danker"​​​​​​​ - FACEBOOK POST

Lee Danker was a long-time supporter of Valley Animal Center. Sadly, he passed away this year on July 22nd. This year for GivingTuesday, we'd like to honor him by sharing an interview he filmed with us shortly before GivingTuesday in 2020.

10:00 AM - Pet Parade (Dogs Only) - LIVE

Meet some of the dogs you help support during our live Pet Parade! Maybe you'll fall in love with one and decide to adopt them.

10:30 AM- Short Film: "Jupe"​​​​​​​ - FACEBOOK POST

Jupe is a kitten who recently underwent eye enucliation on both eyes. Watch Jupe's video to learn more about his journey.

11:00 AM - LIVE Update

Join our adoption supervisor, Ruben Cantu, and marketing manager, Alisia Sanchez, as they provide an update on funds raised.

11:30 AM - Skit: "Valley Animal Center Jeopardy!"​​​​​​​ - LIVE

Join us for a game of Valley Animal Center Jeopardy. Our contestants include our executive director, Rob Piccolo, District 4 Councilmember Tyler Maxwell, and American restaurateur Guy Fieri, played by our cat care specialist, Anjanette Mendoza!

12:00 PM - Christopher Burress Reunites with Akira and Guero​​​​​​

TikTok user, Christopher Burress, took to social media to rescue two very malnourished dogs, Akira and Guero. After Christopher reached out to us in October, we made our way to Stockton to pick up the dogs. Today, they're recovering in our care. Tune in to watch Christopher reunite with Akira and Guero!

12:30 PM - Valley Animal Center Panel - LIVE

1:30 PM - LIVE Update

Join Ruben and Alisia to receive an update on funds raised.

2:00 PM - Short Film: "Akira and Guero"​​​​​​ - FACEBOOK POST

Akira and Guero were rescued from terrible living conditions. They were very malnourished and have been recovering in our care. Watch their video to learn more about their journey.

2:30 PM - Pet Parade (Cats Only)​​​​​​ - LIVE

Meet some of the cats you help support during our live Pet Parade! Maybe you'll fall in love with one and decide to adopt them.

3:00 PM - Q&A with Dog Trainer, Mariah Prudhume​​​​​​ - LIVE

This year, we started offering affordable dog training. Join our resident dog trainer, Mariah Prudhume, to learn all about this new service. If you have questions you'd like for her to answer, email them as soon as possible to info@valleyanimal.org.

3:30 PM - LIVE Update

Ruben and Alisia go live again to provide an update on funds raised.

4:00 PM - Skit: "Tough Handymen Plan Cat Birthday Party"​​​​​​ - LIVE

Handymen arrive on GivingTuesday to help repair a broken heater, but it looks like there's been a mistake. Tune in to watch what happens next!

4:30 PM - Short Film: "Ava Finds Furever Foster"​​​​​​ - FACEBOOK POST

Ava has been in and out of shelters since 2016. This summer, she was found abandoned in Las Vegas. We acted quickly, made the trip to the Animal Foundation of Las Vegas, and brought Ava home again. Watch her short video to receive an update on her journey!

5:00 PM - Skit: "Valley Animal Center Band Try-Outs"​​​​​​ - LIVE

Valley Animal Center is looking to start a band, and we're hosting try-outs on GivingTuesday. Tune in to help us decide who will make the band.

5:30 PM - LIVE Update

Ruben and Alisia go live for the final time to provide an update on funds raised.

6:00 PM - Musical Guest: Dillon Tucker​​​​​ - LIVE

This year, our musical guest is local musician, Dillon Tucker! Tune in to support Dillon and be ready to send us Facebook stars!*

Schedule is subject to change.

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