Perfect Christmas Gifts for the Pet Owners in Your Life!

As Christmas is fast-approaching, have you purchased gifts yet for the pet owners in your life? If not, don’t worry! After asking some of our Valley Animal Center staff members what they would appreciate this Christmas under the tree, we’ve compiled a list of awesome things you can gift to that special someone in your life and their furry family member! 



It seems like you can never go wrong with treats! Almost all of our staff unanimously listed treats as their number one gift they would appreciate for their pets this year. 

If you really want to splurge and show even more love, our cat care supervisor and foster care coordinator, Maritza Lopez, said “Dental treats are always great as gifts because they can be expensive as a pet owner.” Stop by the treat aisle of your pet store and purchase some treats and/or dental treats!


Toys were another unanimous answer! If your loved one has a big dog, toys are a must. Dog care associate, Julianne said “I have a big dog and we always go through toys like crazy.” But, whether your loved one has a cat or a dog, toys seem to never be a wrong gift to give! From things such as snuggle mats to simply tennis balls, adding a little pet toy to your gift is always a bonus!

Gift cards!

You might feel like gift cards are an easy way out, but what better way to show love than allowing your loved one to not worry about spending money when they shop for their pets? Give the gift of a shopping spree experience by giving your beloved pet owners in your life a gift card to a pet store/pet supplies store they frequent at!


From things such as pet cameras to treat dispensers such as a Furbo, pet owners who don’t have these things yet will be thankful to you! Being able to monitor your pets while at work, or dispense treats from the ease of your phone, what pet owner would not appreciate such an awesome gift??? 

Cat Trees!

For the cat owners in your life, a cat tree is always a wonderful gift! Cat trees can range from $30 to over $100 depending on complexity and materials. If you really want to spoil the cat owners in your life, a cat tree is never the wrong way to do so! 

Personalized items!

Whether it’s a picture of their pets on socks, in an ornament, or framed on a canvas, pet owners appreciate customized/personalized items with their pets! 


There are so many more gifts you can give this Christmas season, but we hope this list here helps get you started!