Geronimo helps save animals’ lives

Mid-February, our cat care supervisor, Maritza, took in Geronimo, a cat who was malnourished, suffering from urine burns, and severely matted with feces. After his story was shared on social media, many cat lovers donated funds to his speedy recovery. Unfortunately, Geronimo did not make it past his first night in our care.

Rest in peace, Geronimo.

Everyone involved was heartbroken, but it was that feeling of loss that brought on a wonderful idea. Why not allocate funds raised to help care for Geronimo to our foster program? This way, Geronimo’s tragic story would transcend into something short of happiness.

With funds donated to Geronimo’s care, Maritza, who also leads our foster program, was able to purchase supplies that will help her prepare for kitten season.

Chilindrina, a foster kitten currently in our care, poses alongside supplies purchased with Geronimo’s funds.

With the help of Geronimo’s funds, Chilindrina is off to a great start.

Some of these supplies were put to use this morning when Princess Consuela Banana Hammock began to give birth to her litter of kittens.

“So far, Princess Consuela has had five kittens but I don’t think she’s done yet,” Maritza said. “She’s still in active labor.”


Thanks to the portable pop-up pen purchased with Geronimo’s funds, Princess Consuela has plenty of space to feed and rest comfortably.

Now, all we need are foster parents to help Geronimo’s legacy live on!

Last year, with only 45 foster families, we were able to foster 279 cats and 36 dogs! This year, we’d love to take in as many animals as we can, but we need your help to accomplish that.

If you’re an animal lover, are willing to share your home and donate time, please reach out to us at as soon as possible. Many of the kittens and puppies we rescue are under eight weeks old. At this delicate age, these babies are not ready to be adopted.


During those eight weeks, many people take on the responsibility of caring for these animals. It’s a very rewarding experience, and not one you experience alone.

Our dedicated animal care staff is here for you. We provide you with all the tools necessary to care for these precious babies. We just need your time, dedication, and love.