Dog whose eyes were surgically removed learns to adapt to new way of life (WARNING: Graphic Content)

Bunny was brought into our care with her eyes bulging out from her face. She was skittish and scared.

Her eyes were so bad we had to surgically remove both of them. Many of our staff members were heartbroken to see her in such a state. We don’t know what trauma caused her eyes to suffer this way, and we may never know.

Despite all this, Bunny is a sweet dog who still has abundant energy towards life. She LOVES to cuddle and play. Although she can’t see, jumping on furniture is her favorite thing!

As a blind dog, Bunny’s depth perception after her surgery suffered greatly. It is a humongous readjustment for her as she learns to navigate the world without her sight. She is currently being fostered by Ruben, our dog care supervisor.

In a new environment, Bunny is prone to bump into things and she will most likely require supervised yard play. She will need a human companion who will give her the extra care and attention she needs, someone who has the patience to teach and watch over her as she learns to adjust to new places.

You’ll have to be careful when approaching her as she can get scared when she’s pet without warning. She’s a quiet dog who doesn’t bark a lot. Although she is not ready for adoption right now, we know she will be able to fill your heart when she is.

And remember, if you love to cuddle, Bunny will be there for you!

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