Crusty No More! 

After receiving a text asking for help from Kerman animal control for a kitten with eyes crusted shut, Animal Care Operations Supervisor Maritza Lopez said yes to the rescue pull. On the first of July, Valley Animal Center welcomed into our care kitten Makaveli. 

Estimated to be about 10-12 weeks old, Makaveli arrived with his eyes crusted shut and he was covered in fleas. He was underweight and we weren’t even certain if he had eyes underneath all that crust. 

Maritza immediately gave him a bath using foaming dish soap. She carefully wiped around his eyes and was glad when she saw that he did indeed have eyes underneath all the crustiness! 

Animal Care Specialist Anjanette Mendoza took over and gave Makaveli some antibiotics and eye ointment. Anjanette offered him some wet food and was glad to see he had no trouble eating it up. “I was worried if we would have to tube feed him,” said Anjanette. “I’m glad that wasn’t the case.”

Makaveli was placed in the incubator with a bowl of wet food and he happily gobbled it all up. 

A week later and this little boy who was underweight is now affectionately referred to as a “bad boy” by the cat care staff. “He’s very smart,” said Anjanette. “He’s learning to open the door of his incubator and also likes to bite as much as he likes to be petted.” 


This little kitten loves attention and would prefer being cuddled in a blanket over toys. He has surprisingly shown himself to be exceptionally friendly despite how he was a homeless and unsocialized kitten before coming into our care. 

“He also loves to eat,” said Anjanette. “He’s gained a belly and finishes his food so fast. It’s like he doesn’t ever stop eating!” 

If everything goes well with Makaveli’s health, we estimate him being available for adoption in the next few weeks. 

We were able to help Makaveli because of our community’s generous support. From supplies such as dish soap to wet kitten food, such donations are always appreciated and greatly used by our animal care staff. 

“Post Meowlone was a recent kitten we rescued,” said Maritza, “who arrived in similar conditions as Makaveli. He is now healthy and in a foster home because of our supporters and community. Because of that, we are able to continue the cycle of help toward another kitten, like Makaveli.” 

Valley Animal Center is dedicated to serving animal companions in the Central Valley and beyond. Our mission is to unite dogs and cats with loving people. We believe every animal deserves a loving family and furever home. Donate to support our endless mission as we care for the hundreds of homeless dogs and cats.


  1. H . Müller on July 29, 2022 at 11:48 pm

    Maybe u should publish the location where your shelter is ?!?

    • Alisia Sanchez on August 1, 2022 at 11:59 pm

      Hello! We are located at 3934 N. Hayston Ave. in Fresno, CA.

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