Cat who lost leg stays pawsitive (WARNING: Graphic Images)

Boba, a neighborhood cat everyone fed and loved, went missing only to reappear one day with a broken foreleg. The neighbor who found him reached out to local animal control agencies who then reached out to us. Maritza, our cat care supervisor, did not turn him away.

Upon seeing Boba, the decision to amputate his left foreleg was almost immediate. The bone had punctured the skin. Boba was also FIV+, meaning he is immunocompromised and his injuries left him at a higher risk for further infections and complications.

Throughout Boba’s surgery and recovery, Boba was a happy-go-lucky cat who was extremely talkative once he got over his initial shyness. He would meow whenever spoken to and had a lot of trust in us and the care we gave him. Even as he was on the surgery table, he chattered with his soft voice.

Boba’s amputation healed nicely. He’s already up and walking again, getting used to now only having three legs. He cannot jump as high as before and is learning to readjust his weight when he lands. Sometimes he forgets he’s missing a leg, but it doesn’t deter him! Boba is a persistent and determined cat.

Only a few days on the adoption floor, and he’s already made a friend with our other cat, Samurai. As the younger of cats in their room, perhaps the two shared a special bond. You can find Samurai playfully swatting and rubbing against Boba, or stealing Boba’s favorite spot on the cat tree! Sometimes Boba responds back, and other times you can find him just standing and staring still at his new active friend.

Did we mention how Boba used to be a neighborhood cat? He was fed and loved in the neighborhood he prowled in. After getting to know you for a little bit, Boba will start chattering away with you, meow meow meow! He is not a shy cat at all. Anjanette, our animal care associate, says he’s the perfect kind of cat she would love to have: social and extroverted, without any of the annoying bits!

With a gray heart shaped spot on his fur, Boba has persevered through his injuries and amputation. We are happy this little one continues to be energetic and cheerful after all he’s been through.

If you would love to provide Boba a furever home, submit a cat adoption application today. Click HERE to submit your application. We are excited to see him be united with a loving owner (and Boba will love you just as much)!

If you can’t adopt but want to make a change in an animal’s life, like Boba’s, simply donate to our Pennies for Pets campaign. Click HERE to make a donation. All funds raised contribute to the well-being and health of our furry animal companions.