Calico cat in shelter for nearly 11 years finds furever home

We have a very special “Happy Tail” for you this Tuesday!

Jolie’s animal ID is 8739. That’s only four digits. Why is that important for us to point out? Well, because it indicates how long Jolie was in our care – 34 days shy of 11 YEARS, and that’s including THREE LEAP YEARS! Can you believe that’s how long some cats live in a shelter environment?!

“I’m over the moon that Jolie was adopted,” Maritza, our cat care supervisor said. “I met her three years ago and she was always one of my favorites. I always wondered when her day would come, or if that was even a possibility since she was older than the other cats. I’m happy to know that she will now live the rest of her life in a home with her very own family.”

“[Jolie] had been hiding in the cat tree Saturday and all day Sunday,” Jolie’s new adopter wrote us on Monday. “She did start eating on Sunday and using the litter box. This morning, we found her on the window sill looking outside. She let us pet her and give her chin scratches. She is still very shy, so we have her in our office and away from our other cat. Below is a picture from this morning. I believe she started exploring the office last night because a few things were on the floor. :)”

We thank Jolie’s new adopter for welcoming Jolie into her new home!

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