Arthur O’Brien

Arthur “Art” O’Brien is probably one of Valley Animal Center’s most dedicated volunteers!

Prior to receiving his own set of keys, Art said he used to climb over the fence when the facility was closed for the holidays to give the cats food and water.

Art is retired and began his volunteer journey at Valley Animal Center when the facility first opened at 3934 N. Hayston Ave. He originally volunteered at the Cat Adoption Center seven days a week.

“I volunteer because I love cats,” Art said. “I would like all of them to find good homes, especially some of the cats in the outdoor enclosure that are not feral.”

Having worked with cats for many, many years, Art is very skilled in socializing feral cats. There are more than five plaques in our Grand Lobby that have either been donated by Art or dedicated to him. One in particular reads, “Ferals are wild cats who have not met Art O’Brien.”

Art’s favorite part about volunteering at Valley Animal Center is getting a cat that is considered feral to come to him for a head rub.

“For several years,” Art said, “I worked with cats who were trapped as feral and managed to socialize quite a few.”

Today, Art has cut back on volunteering due to health issues. He stops by three mornings every week now.

During his time off, Art enjoys gardening and looking for records to add to his collection.

We are so happy Art is with us at Valley Animal Center!