Clinic Care Manager


For as long as Daisy can remember, she had always wanted to be involved in the animal industry. Originally, she had claimed she would become a zookeeper when she grew up.

When she got older, Daisy decided to go towards veterinary care and became a student at San Joaquin Valley College in 2010 where she pursued an Associates of Science Degree in Veterinary Technology. Upon completion of her 225 hour externship with Valley Animal Center, she was hired into the role of Veterinary Assistant in July of 2011.

Through the years, she has continued to excel in her career, exceeding to become Clinic Manager. She began fostering just a couple months into her working at Valley Animal Center and her first foster later became one of the current Surgery Annex cats, Genny.

At home, Daisy and her husband Ernie, are currently outnumbered with their 3 dogs, Chuko, Kuruk and Tawny, and their 2 cats, Penelope and Lincoln.