A ruff time for puppies with scabies


Affected by scabies, these cuties are having a ruff time!

Every single one of them is experiencing severe itching, causing them to bite and scratch incessantly. It’s definitely a heartbreaking sight to see!

Fortunately, our dog care team is providing the puppies with the appropriate treatment, which consists of weekly shots and lime dips!

When doing the latter, our staff members have to endure the lime dip’s strong, unpleasant odor, but that’s not what breaks their hearts.

What’s worse for them is seeing these poor babies shiver as the lime dip dries; for the lime dip to work, it can’t be rinsed or wiped off.

The puppies have about a month left before we can begin to wrap up their treatment and get them ready for adoption.

Please consider donating as little as $5 to their care, and we’ll be sure to provide updates in the meantime!