World Veterinary Day 2021

If Dr. Whala isn’t helping an animal, then she’s on her computer doing charts, or huddling with her vet nurses and interns. She’s a busy bee buzzing from one animal patient to another, stethoscope and a wealth of knowledge at the ready!

Our copywriter, Nou, reached out to Dr. Whala regarding this year’s World Veterinary Day and was able to get the following Q&A:

Nou: What are your favorite aspects of being a vet?

Dr. Whala: My favorite aspects of being a vet are seeing a sick pet recover from its illness and thrive because of medical intervention, early diagnosis and successful treatment of a serious illness, and working with amazing and talented vet nurses.

Nou: What led you to becoming a veterinarian?

Dr. Whala: I really like animals and have always been around all kinds of animals growing up on a hobby farm. But really, who doesn’t like seeing happy animals doing those things that they’re supposed to do? A rabbit kicking up its heels because it’s happy, dogs playing on a beach, hens teaching their chicks to forage, horses rolling in the dirt, etc.

Nou: What’s something you want to share about animal care to everyone?

Dr. Whala: Canned cat food diets are more similar to a cat’s natural diet than dry cat food, containing more water and protein than the dry over the counter diets. Cats on canned food diets tend to have a better body condition (less obese) than when they’re regularly consuming dry cat food. However, some cats do not like the texture of canned food and should never be forced to eat what they don’t like. Cats can be very finicky.

Dr. Whala has been with Valley Animal Center for over two years. This coming October, it will be her three-year-anniversary! She is at Valley Animal Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If your pet happens to be a patient of hers, don’t forget to give her a paw-hello!