Ways to Show Your Cat Even More Love

Cats can bring us so much joy in life. From the comfort of being a companion animal to when your cat allows you to snuggle with them, there are just so many things our cats give us. To repay our furry felines for all the love they give us, here are a few things you can do to show your cats even more love than you already do!

vet is looking at cat during exam

Take your cat to the vet!

Vet visits are super important to ensuring the longevity and quality of life your cat has. But your cat doesn’t like going to the vet? Not all things we don’t like in life are bad for us! Ensuring your cats have regular vet visits is one of the best ways to show them love. 

Enrichment for your cat!

Take a look at what your cat currently has and ask yourself if you can add anything else that will add enrichment to their life. Are you missing a cat tree, a window seat, new toys? Yes, cats are creatures of habit so maybe they won’t appreciate drastic changes to their current lifestyle, but if you can slowly introduce something new to them, it’ll help stimulate their curiosity and give them new options on how to entertain themselves. 

Play dates with your cat!

If you don’t already have scheduled play time with your cat, start doing them now! Play can be fundamental to your cat’s mental and physical health. Of course, play looks different for every cat, but as long as you dedicate whatever time you have to spend quality play time with your cats, it will make a world of a difference to them! Trust us. 

A little catnip doesn’t hurt!

Finally, if your cat has never had catnip, they’ll be in for a treat! Catnip is a harmless herb that gives an enjoyable pick-me-up “high” to your furry cats. Catnip comes in a variety of forms such as dried, fresh, or already incorporated into treats and toys! Your cat may prefer one form of catnip over another. For a special day, consider gifting your cat some catnip!

There are so many ways to show your furry felines extra love. No matter how you show your love, the important thing is to do it! Happy cats mean happy homes and that’s what we want!