Tireless volunteer helps organizations throughout Central Valley

Even when Thomas Flanigan walks into our facility with a mask on, we know he’s got the biggest smile on his face.

Known to many as simply Tom, Tom was born and raised in Boston, Mass. 75 years ago. When he was 17 years old, Tom joined the navy and worked as a police officer for many, many years before joining the Fresno County District Attorney’s Office as an investigator.

Today, Tom refers to himself as a “tireless volunteer” and assists various nonprofit organizations throughout the Central Valley, including:

According to the Habitat for Humanity’s website, “[Tom] is a tireless, energetic, hands-on workhorse that feels his day is not complete unless he has made a contribution to help others.”

“Many animals and people in our community need various levels and means of assistance,” Tom said. “It speaks to my sense of social justice [to help out animals].”

His work and dedication to the Central Valley community and animals has not gone unnoticed here at Valley Animal Center.

“When we took in animals affected by the Creek Fire,” our community relations coordinator, Alisia Sanchez said, “Tom played an important role. We know he assists other organizations throughout California. He was at our facility nearly every day, picking up donations and providing essential updates about other organizations assisting those in need at the time.”

“As an all-volunteer organization,” Halo Café Founder and President Jennifer Quinn-Yovino said, “we rely on the generosity of time from animal lovers in our community, and no one is more giving of this than Tom Flanigan. He is always ready to help, always the first one to offer, and always follows through with a great attitude and a loving heart.”

World Kindness Day is tomorrow, Friday, November 13th, and Tom would like to motivate you to volunteer by either volunteering your time or providing financial support to any of your local organizations, if possible.

“To help others in need,” Tom said, “and be a part of all the other volunteers is just satisfying.”

We thank Tom for his continued help, support, and dedication!