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Round-Up is an easy and secure way to give while you shop. Safely round up your credit/debit card purchases to create great change for our homeless dogs and cats!

Your Round-Up donations to Valley Animal Center support the homeless dogs and cats during their time here with us until they are adopted into loving homes. Food, shelter, medical care, enrichment, and so much more is made possible through donations such as yours.

Each time you use your credit/debit card for a transaction, your transaction will be automatically rounded up to the nearest dollar. On the last day of every month, the small spare change of each transaction is totaled and withdrawn as a donation! 

If you bought a coffee for $2.40 with your connected credit/debit card, we would “Round-Up” the purchase to the next dollar amount ($3) and the change ($0.60) would be counted as Round-Up change. 

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Yes! Every Round-Up donor will be charged a minimum of $9.99 every month if the monthly round-up/spare change accumulation is less than $10. For example, if you sign up to be a Round-Up donor three days before the month ends and you accumulate less than $10 in round-up/spare change, you will be charged $9.99 on the last day of the month. This minimum amount is less than $0.34/day and helps us ensure we can continue to be good stewards of your gift and save on credit card processing fees!

Once you are viewing our donation page: 

  1. Click GET STARTED to create an account or log in. 
  1. Link your credit/debit card and designate your funds to AREA OF GREATEST NEED. 
  1. Set a monthly cap (this can always be adjusted later) and click SUBMIT. 

To see a step-by-step guide to sign up for Round-Up donations, click HERE. 

View our 2021 Community Impact Report HERE. 

Round-Ups FAQs 

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