Pet Safety Prep and Tips: Fourth of July Fireworks


Don’t lose your pets this Independence Day! So many pets go missing during this day (and night) of festivity and fireworks. Fireworks leave so many animals confused about what’s happening and their instincts will cause them to bolt and look for safety. Sadly, as fireworks continue as the big day approaches, animals will attempt to run. Even when the fireworks are over, animals may feel dazed and frightened, and by then, they may not even know where they are. Below are 5 tips to keep your pets secure and safe during this time of the year.

Keep your pet indoors. 

Even if your pet is an outdoor pet, it’s good caution to keep your pet indoors on this day. No matter how high or sturdy your fence is, it may not be able to stop a frightened animal. Plus, having them indoors will reassure them of your presence. Try comforting your pet in a quiet room, or consider placing them in a crate.

Use up your pet’s energy.

Take your pet out for an extra walk or two or have extra play time throughout the day. The goal is to use up as much of your pet’s energy to tire them out. Once the festivities start, your pet may still try to run and hide, but at least they’ll be slightly more tired and you can be there to console them.

Distract and comfort your pet. 

Distract your pet and comfort them by placing their favorite toys near them. You can also play calm music or simply talk to them. Muffle out as much outside noise as possible by distracting your pet or giving them something else to focus their attention on. If you live with family members, enlist everyone to help you. Your furry friend is going to need your extra care and attention this evening.

Microchip and update your pet’s ID/tag information. 

If your pet isn’t microchipped already, we strongly suggest you do so as soon as possible, and don’t forget to register their microchip! Collars and tags can always break or snag off. We recommend microchipping your pet as an added precaution. Whether your pet is chipped or they wear collared tags, it’s important to make sure your contact information is up to date just in case they do get lost!

Talk to your neighbors about your pet.

Talk to your neighbors about your pet and their plans for Independence Day. If they’re open to not using loud fireworks because you have a pet, that’s awesome! If not, at least you’ll be prepared and get a sense of how loud that day and night may be. If possible, consider staying overnight with a friend or relative whose neighborhood isn’t prone to celebrating Independence Day with fireworks.


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