Kim Thurman

Kim Thurman, a retired RN, loves dogs.

Unfortunately, right before her retirement, she lost her beloved 14-year-old dog. Heartbroken and sad, but not ready for a new pet, Kim decided to volunteer at Valley Animal Center to fill the void her dog left behind.

Kim has been with Valley Animal Center since 2017 (four years!) and is a Level 4 volunteer. She walks dogs during her time here and enjoys how she is able to give the shelter dogs time out of their kennels to spend all their pent-up energy for even just a moment. All of the dogs at Valley Animal Center have learned to recognize that when Kim comes around, it’s time to go outside!

Jessica Silva, one of our dog care associates, said Kim is someone who dedicates her time to walk large dogs, give them treats and comb them.

“Not only does she walk our dogs,” Jessica said, “but she always makes sure to ask if we need any help with anything, or she’ll go above and do it herself. We have been very grateful to have her as a longtime volunteer and walker, and the dogs love to see her.”

Kim first decided to volunteer at Valley Animal Center because it was a no-kill shelter.

“I love the staff,” Kim said, “and I really feel volunteers are truly appreciated here.”

There are so many animals Kim has grown a connection with, such as Squishy, Margot, Ace, Sundae, and Kilowatt. The most special of them is Lily, formerly known as Teenie.

Lily was a teeny dog when she was first here at Valley Animal Center; she was skinny and had eight puppies. Kim recalls cleaning Lily’s kennel when the two made eye contact.

“It was love at first sight,” Kim said.

Kim asked our staff if she could take Lily home for the weekend to see how Lily would adapt. By the time the weekend was over, Kim’s husband didn’t want Lily to go. Lily was quickly adopted by Kim and her husband.

“I believe dogs are for life,” Kim said.

Today, Lily has free reign over their home and does amazingly well with Kim’s grandchildren and other dogs who visit.

We are so happy Kim is with us at Valley Animal Center!