Brian Lloyd

Brian Lloyd is one of the only volunteers at Valley Animal Center who assists staff with pet adoptions.

Brian loves being around animals and enjoys doing a variety of tasks at the Dog Adoption Center. Whether it’s washing dishes, cleaning kennels, doing laundry, or socializing some of the shelter dogs, Brian is someone our staff members can count on. He enjoys working alongside our dog care supervisor, Ruben Cantu, and animal care associate, Maegan Wesson.

Brian has grown attached to many dogs and finds that taking them out for walks is a wonderful opportunity. One dog he really looked out for was Marmaduke, an American Staffy mix who was in our care for a long time.

“His reputation holds [Marmaduke] back,” Brian said. “I don’t see the bad parts of pit bulls. They’re really good dogs as long as they’re treated that way. Marmaduke just had a hard time and found a good home. That’s a good thing. I’m happy for him.”

In addition to volunteering at Valley Animal Center, Brian also volunteers at the Veterans Hospital at the warehouse. He helps deliver mail and any shipments that come in.

“Even though I can’t physically serve my country,” Brian said, “I look at it as serving my country. I give back to veterans, and seeing a smile on their faces, it makes me happy.”

Brian recommends others to volunteer at Valley Animal Center.

“It’s a really good place to come to,” Brian said. “Nice. Comfortable. It makes you feel really good at the end of the day that you did something right.”

We are so happy Brian is with us at Valley Animal Center!