Adopting a New Puppy or Dog in 2022

Listen to the podcast for the FULL conversation here where we talk more about what you should consider before adopting, things you can expect of your new adopted dog, tips and tricks on introducing your new furry family member to your home, and more: Ep. 7 – Adopting Dogs and Puppies


Have you been thinking about adopting a new canine companion but aren’t sure if you’re ready yet? Or maybe you’re having difficulty wondering how to know if you’re making the right decision? Although bumps in the road of life occur and we can’t control, or even predict, what the future holds, we can’t stress enough how adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment. We are always looking for furever homes for our animals and we want to ensure that when you come in to adopt a dog/puppy, that you find that furever match! Here are some questions our Dog Care Associates, Mariah and Jessica, suggest you ask yourself before adopting!

What is your current lifestyle? 

Adopting a dog that’s the best fit for your lifestyle will ensure you and your new furry family member will thrive. Love to stay at home and lounge while reading? A big dog might not be the best fit for you! Are you planning on travelling the world in the next year, or five years? If you’re not prepared for all the necessary steps to take your dog with you, it might not be the best time to adopt! It’s important to be honest with yourself and think long term about how much you can invest into your newly adopted dog. 

How much time can you invest into training?

Many of our shelter dogs from Valley Animal Center have been rescued from other shelters/rescues. Some of them may be anxious or extra frightened due to the experiences they have had. However, even our most happies-go-lucky dogs and puppies will still require you to provide them structure and training. Your new dog will require training to learn what is appropriate behavior. Are you prepared to take them to obedience training or do your share of the work in teaching them basic commands?

Do you know the financial cost?

The average annual cost of raising a dog is about $3000. Cost may vary depending on size and breed of your dog, as well as the medical condition of your dog. That doesn’t account for any emergencies that may occur during your pet ownership. Knowing the cost of being a pet owner isn’t to discourage you from owning a pet, but we want you to be aware of the potential financial responsibility that comes with an adoption.


The average lifespan of a dog is 10-13 years. Of course, your individual dog may live for longer than the average. This is a lifetime commitment! When you think about the three questions above, are you still feeling ready to adopt a new dog and bring them into your life for those years they will be with you? We’re here for you whenever your answer is “YES, I’m ready!” 



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Valley Animal Center

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