The Valley Animal Center has made great strides in providing affordable veterinary care to pets throughout the last two decades.

Thanks to a generous grant in 1997 from Mr. Bob Barker’s DJ & T Foundation, the Center’s low-cost spay and neuter clinic opened its doors to provide these services to the community and their animals.

Many of the clinic’s clients would not otherwise have had access to veterinary care due to the higher rates of local veterinary hospitals.


With the addition of the on-site spay and neuter clinic, the Valley Animal Center pioneered efforts to spay and neuter animals in Fresno County at eight weeks old, a younger age than the standard six months.

Because of this initiative, many local veterinarians started spaying and neutering private customers’ pets at four months. Widespread acceptance of earlier spaying and neutering has helped significantly to prevent the birth of thousands of additional homeless kittens and puppies.

The clinic staff is performing an ever-increasing selection of procedures including dental cleanings and extractions, blood work, and more. The expansion of the Valley Animal Center’s clinic is an on-going mission to ensure that all of the Valley’s dog and cat owners, regardless of income, are able to maintain a healthy and happy pet.