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Adopt a Dog Month

"Happiness is a warm puppy."

Charles Schultz

October is Adopt a Dog Month!

In 2019, 44% of the animals we rescued were dogs. Currently, we have several dogs available for adoption. Four of those dogs, Mickey, Bear, Ace and Doug, have been in our care for a long time.

All through October, we'll be increasing our efforts to find these dogs their furever homes, and we'd love your help!

Please share their stories to increase their chances of getting adopted, or sponsor any one of them to help us continue caring for them until the right person comes along!

Did you know that for as little as $10 a month, you can sponsor a shelter dog (or cat)?

Through the Valley Animal Center Sponsor-A-Pet Program, your continuous monthly donation can help provide nutritional food, shelter and quality medical care for one or more of our shelter dogs or cats until they find their furever homes.

Most of our sponsored animals are long-term or special-needs residents and may stay in the shelter for many months or years!

With your monthly tax-deductable donation, you will receive a description of your sponsored dog or cat, a beautiful color photo of your sponsored dog or cat, and our quarterly newsletter.


Mickey has been with us since September 4, 2019! He's 10 years old and has been featured on Central Valley Today with Desiree Lopez. Known as "The Gentle Giant," Mickey knows several basic commands and loves being scratched behind the ears.



Ace has been with us since December 6, 2019! He's a special needs 3-year-old pit bull terrier mix. Ace may be deaf or, at the very least, hearing-impaired. He loves going on walks and exploring!



Bear has been with us since October 27, 2019! He was originally with us as a puppy but is now nearly 10 years old. Sadly, Bear was found by animal control and his family never claimed him. Bear loves to play, explore and rest.



Doug has been with us since January 10, 2020! He's 2 years old and has been featured on Central Valley Today with Desiree Lopez. Doug is a very active pup who enjoys playing with toys, going on walks and making new friends!